Custody Outcomes of Children Reporting Incest/Battery

Respondents: 22
Counties: 13

Average age
at marriage:
29.5 years old
Occupations: 3 teachers,
3 secretaries,
2 artists,
2 nurses,
1 manager,
1 advocate,
1 analyst,
1 public relations,
1 dog groomer,
1 assembly worker,
1 cosmetologist,
1 self-employed,
1 housewife,
1 disabled

Average age
at marriage:
32.6 years old
Occupations: 5 construction/contractors,
2 lawyers,
2 self-employed,
2 disabled,
2 cooks,
1 engineer,
1 sales,
1 phone company,
1 sheriff,
1 mechanic

Average length
of marriage:
7.4 years

Gender: 14 boys; 8 girls
Average age
in 1998:
9 years old
Average age
abuse began:
2.25 years old
Average age
first disclosed abuse:
3.9 years old
Siblings: 64%
Siblings report abuse: 93%
Medical evidence: 38%
Victim Witness funding for crime: 32%
Disclosures: "...Daddy touches peepee-hurts bad"
"...touches/licks private parts"
"...removes poop"
"...sleeps and showers with me"
"...puts penis in butt"
"...puts tube/knife in butt"
"...have to touch daddy's private parts"
"...puts penis in girl and says it's my fault"
Symptoms: sexualized behavior:
oral copulation; lick/touch others in sexual parts; "hump" table; stick things into vagina; obsessed with and licks breasts, public masturbation; showed anus; tried to put penis in mother's mouth; acted intercourse with other children
depression; physical pains; stomach aches81%
dissociation; overwhelming anger/rage76%
nightmares; insomnia; night terrors; headaches; nausea; phobias of: mother dying or being killed (8), being with father (8), dog getting poisened, night, dark, baths52 -71%
flashbacks; eating disorder; bedwetting; leak feces; constipation; diarrhea 38 -48%
learning disabilities; attention deficit; suicide attempt24 -33%

Named by child: Father90%
Paternal Uncle5%
Older sibling5%
Offender-father characteristics: Excessive grooming71%
Substance abuse62%
Accused mother of: False allegation7
Emotional abuse4
Child endangerment2
Criminal molest charges filed:0

Case Professionals:
Child disclosed to average of: 5 professionals
Average # of CPS reports made
(157 total):
8 per case
Average # who
tried to protect:
4 professionals
Whose actions
endangered child:
9 professionals

Current Status:
Child's ongoing symptoms: sexualized behavior, depression, detachment, transition difficulty, dissociation, terrible anger, fears, dyslexia, multiple personalities, alcoholism, criminal activity, nightmares, post-traumatic stress disorder, academic failure, school retention, clinging to mother, pleading not to be sent back to father
Legal custody status: Fathers have full or joint unsupervised custody91%
Mothers have supervised contact or no contact at all54%
Mother deceased1
Mother awaits outcome of legal proceedings1
Child grown old enough to leave father, returned to mother1


California Protective Parent Association and Our Future Charitable Foundation are still conducting an ongoing collection of data for a national research project involving cases of children placed by family law courts into the custody of, or unsupervised visitation with, their identified abusing parent.

For an updated May 2003 statistical report after 67 participants, click here (at the California Protective Parents site).

To contribute your input to the survey, please do so at our Research Survey page.

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