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The following collection of short summaries are true stories of our own and of protective mothers who have contacted us. They are classified by the topics; courts, law enforcement, CPS, running, choices, and evidence.

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Dr. Neustein had divorced her husband, Ozzie Orbach, M.D., in 1983. They had one daughter, Sherry, who continued to live in her mother's sole custody for three years after the divorce.

After an eyewitness report in 1986 that the father had allegedly sexually abused Sherry, the Child Protection system swung rapidly into action - not against the father, but against the mother, Dr. Neustein.

Sherry, was forcibly removed from her mother's home, without the legally required proceedings, in October 1986. Dr. Neustein was barred from all contact with her daughter in 1989.

This case has continued to draw intense media attention for decades, and Dr. Neustein has become a target for fathers' rights groups. Click here to read more about the Myths and Facts about the Protective Mother Case of Amy Neustein, Ph.D.

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Irene from Los Angeles pays $240 per visit to a monitor every time she sees her child, who is placed in the custody of the convicted batterer father. Irene, who is a nurturing parent not accused of abuse, has supervised visits.

Susan from San Mateo County was prevented from receiving any financial interest in her $400,000 home of 25 years in her divorce settlement. After attorneys took their fees, she received nothing and is now impoverished. She has no attorney. Her daughter is in the full custody of the violent father, and Susan has brief, supervised visits.

Karen from Amador County lost $250,000 in court-related fees, and declared bankruptcy after losing her business and her home to pay to her attorneys. She was court-ordered to go to therapy despite her clean bill of mental health, and could not pay for it. Despite capable local judges, Amador County pays $750 per day to retired visiting judges who come from other counties to hear her case. Karen has supervised visits with her 3 children who are placed with the identified molester father.

Josie from Sacramento County estimated she paid $500,000 and the county paid an equal amount in court, attorney and mental health professional fees. The net result was that her young son was placed with his identified molester.

In Marin County, private psychological evaluators charge whatever the market will bear, which in that wealthy community can be between $15,000 and $40,000, according to court advocates.

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Trevor in Yolo County told his mother about severe physical and sexual abuse by his father and grandfather. He told the police officer, who at first seemed helpful. However, Trevor's mother later got the police report. The investigator stated in the report that Trevor had dreamed the abuse, and it was unfounded. This report was very harmful to Trevor and helpful to the perpetrator.

When they were 14 years old, Danny and Donald in San Mateo County ran away from their father, a convicted sex offender who received custody of the twins when they were 11 years old. The police apprehended the boys, who had fled to the home of their nurturing mother, and took them back to the father.

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In Sacramento County, Jack told countless therapists, teachers, doctors, social workers, investigators, and adult friends of the family that he was being raped by his father. Over 40 CPS reports were made by mandated reporters. Jack even called 911 from his father's house to beg the police to come and rescue him. He was not rescued. Jack endured 7 long years of re-victimization. He was alternately placed with, and removed from, his father's custody.

His nurturing, non-abusive mother finally died of cancer and the CPS social worker recommended that Jack, age 9, live with his father. The juvenile court referee agreed and placed Jack with his documented alcoholic molester father.

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"I ran away with my 4-year-old daughter when it was clear the court would never protect her from her father.

I didn't know about the court trap I'd walked into until it was too late. She told me and her therapist that her daddy put his pee pee in her pee pee. She had nightmares all the time, and urinary tract infections. She wouldn't eat, her stomach hurt, she was afraid of everything, and she would scream and hold on to me when it came time to visit her father. I went to every agency, and got no help.

I ran far away, but forgot I was a criminal and forgot to hide. I called home to my family. After 18 months, the FBI came for me. I think my picture was on a milk carton.

They took my child and gave her to the molester father.

She's 16 now, promiscuous, and on drugs."

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"After my son started telling about violent sex abuse by his father and his pedophile friends, my wealthy, prominent ex-husband got an attorney and began to say I was crazy. My attorney said that the court system was not a good place to be, and I believed him after reading a couple of books by mothers who had lost their children.

So we began a series of steps to try to de-escalate the situation, such as having extensive meetings with the therapists, attorneys and children. We negotiated and talked and negotiated some more.

Since the father was not interested in a big and very public trial, he was also interested in negotiating.

I had to make concessions that broke my heart, such as letting my child go with the abuser at times. But I knew I'd lose custody of both children if I went to court, because of the biased reports of the private evaluators and the tremendous power my ex-husband had in the system.

It was Sophie's Choice, and I made it to save one child. It was the best I knew how to do, and I will live with the pain the rest of my life. But there weren't many options."

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"When my daughter began to tell me about the sexual abuse, I grabbed a tape recorder and taped her conversation. She was crying and I urged her to be a brave girl and talk about what her daddy did to her so we could get help. She told all about the abuse. I gave the tape to the police. Family law court said I had put thoughts in her head and psychologically abused her because she was crying. They forced her to live full time with her father and I have to pay $70 to see her."

"My 2 year old son said his dad put his 'penie' in his bottom. He couldn't talk very well. He wouldn't let me look at him to see if he had any injuries. So I waited until he was asleep, and took a picture of his poor little bottom. You could even see where it was torn. I took the picture to the authorities. CPS said I was the one who was wrong, because it was an obscene photograph. He was first put in the custody of the state, and then they put him in the custody of his dad. I wasn't even allowed to see him at all for nearly half a year."

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