We are a group of mothers whose children are forced to visit unsupervised or live with their identified perpetrators through failures in the family and juvenile courts. Our children have disclosed abuse, and have not been protected or believed. The agencies designed to protect children have not helped, and in many cases have done harm. We have done everything we, as individuals, could do to protect them, yet have been unable to keep them safe.

Collectively, we are joining together to exchange stories, helpful information, experiences, strategies, self-help support, strength, hope, and prayers. This organization is for protective mothers only. Each chapter of MOLC is completely autonomous.


The mission of Mothers of Lost Children is to support, nurture and pray for mothers who have been forcibly separated from their children by the family law and juvenile courts. Our primary goal is to bring to public awareness the fact that children who report abuse, particularly incest, are regularly given into the custody or unsupervised visitation of the identified perpetrators. The mothers who strive to protect the children are commonly removed partially or completely from the children's lives.


Mothers of Lost Children is a non-structured self-help support organization. There is no cost for membership. If you are a mom having problems protecting your child in family law court, you are welcome to join us. For the protection of our members, we use strict confidentiality procedures. To receive a user name and password to view our security protected pages, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide, by mail or fax, a copy of a legal document showing your custody case status


  • Provide, by mail, fax, e-mail, or web site form, a brief case history of your custody situation (pseudonyms may be used for anonymity)


  • know and get a recommendation from an existing MOLC member
If you choose not to become a member, you may still contact us for information and support.


We accept general donations, and/or contributions for specific families in need of legal resources. Donations are greatly appreciated.

NOTE SPECIAL PLEA: Currently, in order to maintain our status with the State, we must show a portion of contributions from public support. Therefore we are urgently in need of very SMALL donations ($10 to $25) from as many different individuals as possible.

To make a donation or get more information, please
contact one of the chapters to mail a donation by check, click the button below, or simply click here to donate using PayPal, sent to If you need a tax deduction, please let us know that with your donation submission.


Mothers of Lost Children was formed in 1994 by a group of Davis, California women, whose children had been abused. Their children's lives were devastated, not only by the abusers, but by the very governmental and private agencies designed to protect them.

The women looked in vain for help, and found only betrayal. Although from different faith practices, they began to meet each week in the park in silent protest to pray for their children.

The name of the group was chosen to honor Las Madres de los Desaparecidos (Mothers of the Disappeared), formed by Argentine mothers who met in silent protest in the Plaza Mayor to pray for their adult children who had been kidnapped and tortured by their government.

  • Like Argentine mothers who mourn their adult children which were tortured and sometimes killed by the government for political reasons,

    We are mothers who mourn our small children which are tortured and sometimes killed by our government through court and foster care decisions, for incomprehensible reasons.

  • Like Argentine mothers who slowly walked around Plaza de Mayo, for years in prayer and silent protest,

    We are mothers who gathered and sat in Davis Central Park, for years in prayer and silent protest.

  • Like Argentine mothers who began to speak out nationally and internationally,

    We are mothers who began to meet with other groups and to speak out publicly.

  • Like Argentine mothers who had some political success in protecting their adult children, and great ethical and spiritual success,

    We are mothers who have had some political success in protecting our children, great ethical and spiritual success, and success in uniting with other mothers throughout the United States.

There is a precedent for success in protecting captives through spiritual and ethical means.

Mothers of Lost Children has also found a role model in the actions of a small group of German women who, in 1943, began a vigil that grew to a group one thousand strong, to protest the imprisonment of their Jewish husbands. They called themselves "The Rose Street Women," and stood defiant, refusing Nazi orders to leave the site where their husbands were held.

The SS troops waited six days before giving in to the Rose Street Women and releasing twenty-five men, already tattooed and bound for Auschwitz.

The February 27, 1993 Sacramento Bee article noted, "It's still unclear why the Nazis buckled to the Rose Street Women."

Old time wome's march

We've come a long way, Baby!

Old time wome's march

Mothers of Lost Children hold in their hearts the story of Gideon, whose people were attacked by a huge army. Gideon and 300 others gathered on a hill with lamps and trumpets. They lit their lamps, blew their trumpets, and shouted mightily. Miraculously, the enemy troops began to kill each other, and fled.

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