When I saw this special photo story of a mother dog going back into the fire to save her pups, I thought of the many protective parents risking everything, even their lives, to try to save their children.

The Family Court System knows this and uses it to enslave our children in unsafe settings, to make more and more money as the protective parent keeps going back into the fire (of Family Court) to try to rescue their child or children.

Family Court has learned over the years, that by using the children they keep the children and the protective parent enslaved by the Family Court System. This system has learned that they make more money under the umbrella of "Family Court " then they ever did " under Divorce Court" when they went after the fathers for support of the mother and children to make sure they had what they needed to have a more stable home. Under this old method of "Divorce Court" a father who was committing a criminal act, such as sexual abuse, was more apt to be turned over to criminal court for prosecution, or at the very least, not allowed visitation with their children. Now under "Family Court" the protective parent is stopped from protecting his/her child or children. The children are used by "Family Court" as pawns in a game of power and money. There is no longer intervention by Criminal Court to help rescue the children. They leave it up to "Family Court" to handle it. Funny thing, Family Court does not even have a format to handle criminal cases and they have no desire to do so. By not looking at it and usually refusing proof of abuse, they make a lot of money.

Some of the children who are abused and continue to be abused, especially those who are put totally with the abusers, creates a situation of becoming abusers themselves. In this way the "Family Court System" create what is called by realtors, a farming situation for future clients. Only in "Family Court" by not protecting children and helping to create possibly more abusers the system will have more clients coming to "Family Court" concerning abuse of their children. Only this time, if the grown child is now an adult abuser, he/she will have the opportunity to continue the abuse, as their child or children will be once again used as the pawns in the game of making big money for and by Family Court and all the game players, such as, court appointed evaluators and others. The court appointed game players, play the game for money. At the present time, there is no method of Family Court accountability. This system has complete and absolute control of all aspects of what happens and of who is playing the game. (As often said, Complete and Absolute Control without any outside accountability creates a situation for corruption. In the case of Family Court that has happened with many, if not most Family Courts across our country.)

The major drawback of all this "Game Playing" is that it is destroying not only many of our children and our families, but also working to destroy our country. How can children, who later become adults, who have gone through this, corrupt system have faith and belief in our systems in the United States of American and or in our government as a whole. What will it be like in the next ten or twenty years? This corrupt system, as described, has been going on now for more than twenty years.

When I first met with an experienced and highly recommended attorney, I told him that my child had related to me that the father was and had been sexually molesting him. The child had shared that his father had told him that what they were doing was what men do and if he wanted to become a man he had to do it. The child wanted to become a man, so he did it, even though he later shared, did not want to. He was also told that women don't know about it and that he should never tell a woman, or anyone else. As he got older, he finely told. He shared that he was in great pain.

I told the attorney that I believed my son. I also said that I had proof. (No proof was allowed to be used in the case. It was put to the side.) I said, that I wanted my son to be protected. I went on to say, it wasn't my desire that his father be put in jail, but I did want no unsupervised and no overnight visitation until the father had counseling and it was considered safe for my son to be alone with him. The attorney said, "It is no longer handled that way. In Family Court, how the Game is played, is that you will give up everything you have now and in the future; in this way you will get most of the custody, but not all of it. In "Family Court" no one gets all of the custody, no matter what the circumstances." (Later I found out: Except in cases where the protective parent keeps speaking out, in that case, often the abusive parent gets full custody).

At first, I thought it was just my case. I was later to fine out that this is happening across our country. It is becoming standard method of operation for most Family Court Systems. The protective parent still keeps trying and spending every penny and in some cases the grandparents also spend everything they have, to help save the child and/or children). In the old method of "Divorce Court" the child at age 12, could choose to have visitation with both parents or he/she could chose to have little or no visitation with a parent. Under "Family Court" the child may now not choose at age 12, he/she must now wait until age 18. Family Court made the newer rule. Many protective parents are slaves to the "Family Court System" trying to protect their children until the child is 18 years of age. In this way, Family Court can hold the children as hostages until they are of legal adult age. There are more runaways, suicides, murders and school drop outs then ever before, because of the current operating procedures of the Family Court System. The very system that should be protecting our children,are not protecting them, but they are profiteering from the abused and helpless children.

We as a people of the United States of America, are standing up to say, "We want justice for our children, families and our country as a whole. We want accountability of "Family Court" by outside ( NOT COURT APPOINTED) agencies and in cases of abuse; we want a jury".

Connie, I know you have seen, heard and know much more than I can even imagine. God Bless You and all the protective parents, all the individuals that work together with you and others to try to save our children, our families and in the long and short run, our country. It is my prayer that "Family Court" will be made accountable and that where there is abuse or suspected abuse that it must be handled criminally in a court of law with a Jury. Children should not be put back with abusers to be re-abused.

In God I Trust
- Donna

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